Monthly Archives: May 2012

Am I a Monster?

Yesterday I caught a mouse. Today, as far as I know, that mouse is still alive and suffering. And I am feeling like a heartless monster. After several hours of hearing scrapping noises in our den, my wife finally was perturbed enough to call me at church and ask me to come home and find… Read More »

The Persecution Trap

The Persecution Trap: When sincere believers who are making questionable decisions won’t listen to correction because they consider it to be persecution. The unfettered opulence that characterizes the lifestyles of some prosperity gospel teachers has caught the attention of Congress. Senator Charles Grassley (R, Iowa), ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, has conducted a… Read More »

Prosperity Gospel Or Gospel Prosperity?

“The prosperity gospel: the belief that God rewards faith with wealth, health, and happiness.” The “prosperity gospel” has given biblical prosperity a bad name. Take, for example, a recent New York Times article that highlights the lavish lifestyle of the founders of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). The article begins this way: The prosperity gospel… Read More »

Should Christians Continue To Fight Same-Sex Marriage?

With North Carolina’s recent approval of an amendment to its constitution forbidding same-sex marriages, there are now 31 states with some kind of ban on homosexual marriage. Yet the tide of opinion in the country actually seems to be running the other way. A recent Washington Post article cites the work of public-opinion specialist Greg… Read More »