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Why Atheism Is Bad Morality

Imagine this scenario: you are participating, for a small fee, in an experiment in which you are paired with a robot to play a game against a computer. The robot, given the very creative name Robbie, can both hear and speak, and in fact, has a pleasant personality. So, as the two of you play… Read More »

Why Atheism Is Bad Science

British astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle, the scientist who coined the term “Big Bang” to describe what has become the scientific consensus regarding how the universe began, had this to say about current theories: The current scenario of the origin of life is about as likely as the assemblage of a 747 by a tornado whirling… Read More »

Why Atheism Is Bad News

Atheists are becoming very aggressive in their efforts to recruit people to their faith. In fact, they are engaging more and more in the kind of outreach that if done by Christians, would be called evangelism. But, although they are definitely proselytizing, what atheists do cannot be called evangelism at all. That’s because “evangelizing” has… Read More »